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Breathe more. Tap into your inner rhythm. Own your power!

Meditative Arts is more than a drumming circle or African drum class for women

This rhythm & wellness company uses African drumming and mindfulness to help women think less and breathe more. Together, we unplug, laugh, heal, and tap into the inner power behind self-doubt.

This is where women find joy, clarity, calmness, confidence, and spirit.

Meditative Arts sessions help you:

  • Relax quickly and reverse the effects of burnout
  • Tone arms and burn calories in a fun way without having to mop up sweat
  • Slow down in order to save time, think more clearly, and make better financial decisions
  • Let go of fear, fatigue, and self-limiting beliefs that hold you back at work or home
  • Develop your djembe playing technique quickly without feeling like you’re screwing up
  • Be part of a social circle and support community where it’s safe to be yourself and try something new
No experience is required. The “I don’t have rhythm” types are especially welcomed.

Can’t wait to connect with you,