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At Meditative Arts, I work with women who have a business or dream of having one that makes a difference for others.

Through African drumming workshops and mentorship programs, I help women fill their cups first, find confidence, share their unique voice, and build profitable businesses by being completely themselves.

Together, we explore how to tap into your inner wisdom and attract more of your “right” people by being more of yourself. No second guessing. No imitating. Just wholehearted expression.

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Working through uncertainty (3 steps) thumbnail

Working through uncertainty (3 steps)

Becoming clear on what you really want doesn't start with asking other people their advice. It doesn't start with doing hours and hours of research. It starts with this:   In the comments below, I'd love to hear what helps you become clearer when it comes to achieving your goals? If you're stumped, it might Keep reading

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