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Create a business that’s completely you!

When you show up differently than the truth of who you are, people fall in love with who you’re not.
—Iyanla Vanzant

You CAN build a profitable business and still be completely yourself—Even if you’re quiet and introverted

When I first started running Meditative Arts over 7 years ago, I had three deep-rooted (and very limiting) beliefs about entrepreneurial success:

  • You have to be loud, ruthless, and extroverted to attract clients and make money
  • Showing your authentic self to clients and customers is unprofessional and repelling, and
  • You have to market your business using the “formula” everyone else uses to be taken seriously or seen as credible.

I remember the first time that I—a painfully shy, soft-spoken, introvert—tried to carry those beliefs into my conversations in social and business settings…

It made me feel phony, small, and discouraged.

It’s hard for most people (and especially those of us who are quiet and introverted) to put ourselves out there in a way that feels empowering and authentic. But I continued to do what I thought I was supposed to do: Do things the way everyone else does.

It took me three full years to accept that the “following the crowd” thing wasn’t working for me!

So, I left those beliefs behind and adopted a new approach: Doing things my way,and being my quiet, introverted, goofy self while serving clients and connecting with potential clients.

And, that’s when the clients, confidence, and money started to flow! I was filling workshops, getting referrals, and being regarded as a wellness expert in national magazines and by my peers.

I started making money and feeling great about it!

If I hadn’t made those changes, those deep-rooted beliefs literally would have killed my business!

And I don’t want you– as a woman with important gifts to share with your clients – to allow similar beliefs to kill your business either.

As a solopreneur who’s done things her way by infusing drumming, creativity, and wholehearted connection into her business, I can tell you that it’s incredibly gratifying and magnetic when you create something that’s totally you!
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Avoid the high cost of not expressing the true you

I know that you have a business or dream of having one that makes a difference for others. You want to wake up everyday knowing that you’re doing meaningful work, but you can’t do it:

  • The way other people do it, or
  • As if you’re an extrovert, or
  • By compromising your values or what feels totally true for you.

What I know for sure is that your right clients want to know who you really are, what you have to say, and what you have to offer.

I also know (and have personally experienced) how self-doubt and doing things the way you’ve been told to do them can interfere with your right clients finding you, hearing your unique message, and receiving your gifts.

Where does that leave you?

  • Struggling financially
  • Feeling unmotivated or stuck in a soul-sucking job to make ends meet
  • Spinning your wheels month after month, year after year
  • Putting yourself and your dreams on the back burner
  • Clinging to “comfortable” and acceptable
  • Promoting your business the way others are doing it, the way you’re “supposed” to, but it doesn’t feel right

If you’re experiencing this in your business, I’m here to tell you that it’s time to be more of you!

Here’s what I want you to know…

You CAN build a business by:

  • Doing it your way,
  • Doing it with your own unique voice, and
  • Doing it in a way that feels natural and ick-free.

Because these are what create a business that’s fulfilling, fun, and completely you – AND pays you well. These are what allow you to connect with and serve your right clients in a way that feels true to you.

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Mentorship Program Packages  

I‘m here to assist you in finding your voice, raising your confidence, and delivering your gifts to the world in a way that is so totally and authentically you that success can’t help but follow!

My 1-on-1 Mentorship Programs focus on one or all the following:

  • Find your unique voice and express your message in a way that makes you feel confident, grounded, and authentic, and that attracts your right people in-person and online
  • Clarify your ideal client, the ones you’d love to work with and would benefit most from your offerings, voice, and gifts.
  • Transform fear, self-doubt, and self-consciousness into courage when expressing yourself to clients, potential clients, and in group settings
  • Get unstuck and move forward on the project or intention for your business, whether you are:
    • Creating something new and are having a hard time expressing yourself clearly
    • Finding it difficult to find and connect with your right client
    • Preparing to lead groups or speak publicly
    • Want to speak to clients more confidently about your service and fees
    • Ready to create a website that aligns with your unique voice and vision

Your greatest success comes from knowing what your message is, confidently sharing this message with your right people, and taking action in a way that feels true to you.

PACKAGE 1: Clarify and confidently share your message

You recently started your business or want to create something new and are having trouble expressing your message.

You often hold your voice back with individuals, in groups, and in social settings because of self-doubt or nervousness. Moreover, when you’ve stirred up the courage to share something meaningful, you end up feeling vulnerable, pushy, or foolish.

You’re ready to share your unique voice and marketing message in a way that makes you feel confident, grounded, and authentic on and offline.

PACKAGE 2: Attract and connect with your right people

You have a good idea of what your message is, but your voice is being lost in the crowd because you don’t clearly know who would benefit from your services.

You know that you can’t serve everybody, but you’re having trouble narrowing down and feeling who your right people are because you can’t get out of your own head.

You’re ready to clarify who your ideal client is and connect with them individually, in a group setting, or online.

PACKAGE 3: The Whole Ensemble

Trying to find your unique message has your mind running in circles. Identifying your right client has left you feeling frustrated and discouraged.

Deep down, you fear that people don’t or won’t “get it”. You have so many options you could take to bring your business idea to life, which gets you flip flopping from one option to the next, month after month. Actually, you end up getting discouraged by comparing yourself to “more successful” peers, spending your time doing busy work, and doubting your idea and self.

You need some guidance finding your unique message, as well as identifying and connecting with your right clients on and offline. This package includes a 60-min web design strategy session to help weave your message and vibe into your website.

Complimentary 30-minute ‘Being You’ Discovery Session

When you’re ready to work with someone who has been there, understands what you’re trying to bring to life, and will walk along with you step-by-step, contact me to discuss how we can work together.

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Prefer to work in-person for a shorter period of time? Contact me to learn more about my Private 1-Day Intensives.



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