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Meditative Arts offers a variety of products, courses, and workshops to help you think less and breathe more!

Private 1-on-1 Sessions

Power Compass paintingPower Compass Sessions

Power Compass sessions reveal what you, an ambitious and hard-working woman, need to step into your power!

Each Power Compass is like a tarot card reading on canvas.

If you are feeling overwhelmed about your next big step in life, having a bit of trouble listening to your gut,
want to get out of your head and welcome an intuitive nudge from someone else…the Power Compass Sessions are for you!

Through different shapes, colours, and layers on the canvas, the Compass reveals its own message about you and your unique situation.

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Live and Online Courses (ongoing)

Classes for women: African Drumming Course

Ever want to learn how to play the djembe in a small, supportive group? Join us for a 4-week series of drumming, laughing, and connecting!
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Workshops for Women


Re-root Women’s Drumming+Wellness Workshop

During this 2-hour workshop, we’ll use drumming and conversation to relax, breathe, and re-align with our powerful selves! Read more



Drumingler™ , a rhythmic event for women entrepreneurs

Drumingler™  is a networking, coffee sippin’, and drummin’ session rolled into 1.5 hours.

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Women's Drum & Dance WeekendWomen’s Drum & Dance Weekend (WDDW)

The Women’s Drum & Dance Weekend (WDDW) is an exclusive and intimate full-day event which blends African drumming, dance, art, and community. If you’re looking to spice up your routine, amplify your authentic voice, and burn calories—this is an event you won’t wanna miss!

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The women I work with

I work with a lot of different women. Most of my clients are womenpreneurs and ambitious women like Linda, Vanessa, and Summer. Here are their stories:

Meet Linda

Linda is an ambitious admin assistant and has been working at a marketing agency for the past 3 years. Everyone loves her because she’s super helpful and friendly.

Here’s the thing.

She appreciates the fact that everyone loves her, but the last minute favours people ask her to do stress her out. These favours keep her at work hours after everyone has left, and she’s not getting any overtime pay. Whenever she imagines saying no, her throat tightens up. Actually, a sore throat and stomachache have become pretty normal.

Linda is tired of living paycheck to paycheck. She’s tired of feeling stuck and powerless.


Meet Vanessa

Vanessa is wonderful nurse, mom, and 6 A.M. dog walker. Whenever there’s a problem, she’s the first person people turn to. She’s always helping others through their emotional muck.

On the outside, she’s organized, happy, and calm. On the inside, she’s barely holding it together. Only a few people know about the recent separation from her husband of 10 years, and her 5 year old daughter is having a hard time adjusting to this change. Her job no longer brings her joy and has been getting more demanding.

Vanessa is overwhelmed, drained, and put off balance by everything being tossed her way.

She wants to add something fun and relaxing to her life but doesn’t know where or how to start.


Meet Summer

If there were an Outstanding Entrepreneur award, Summer would get it hands down!  She is always busy planning, thinking, and promoting her biz to so and so. She kind of likes the fact that people are always commenting on her ability to go, go, go.

Taking hot yoga classes, daily lattes, and biweekly manicures are nice, but she doesn’t remember a day she’s ever truly felt relaxed. Actually, she’s not too sure if she even remembers how to relax.

She wants to just slow everything down, turn her phone off for a bit, and quiet the chatter in her head.


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