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Create a business that’s completely you!

When you show up differently than the truth of who you are, people fall in love with who you’re not.
—Iyanla Vanzant

You know there’s something you’re truly meant to do

You have a business or dream of having one. You want to wake up everyday knowing that you’re doing meaningful work, but you can’t do it

  • The way other people do it
  • As if you’re an extrovert
  • By compromising your values

Stop spinning your wheels

I’ve seen how often self-doubt can block the right people from finding you, hearing your unique voice, and appreciating your gifts.

Where does this leave you?

  • Broke, feeling shame about depending on others financially, or fear about being stuck in a soul-sucking job to make ends meet
  • Frustrated and overwhelmed
  • Clinging on to “comfortable” and acceptable
  • Putting WAY too much work into promoting your business with little return

You can build a business that’s profitable and still be warm-hearted, quiet, and introverted.

When I first started running Meditative Arts 7+ years ago, I had two deep-rooted beliefs about entrepreneurial success:

  • You have to be loud, ruthless, and extroverted to attract clients and make money.
  • Showing your authentic self to clients and customers is unprofessional and repelling

I remember the first time I—a painfully shy introvert—tried to carry those beliefs into my conversations in social and business settings. It made me feel phony and small.

It took me two full years to leave those behind and try a new approach: Being my quiet, shy, introverted, and goofy self while connecting with students and clients.

And that’s when the students, confidence, and money started to flow! I was filling workshops, getting referrals, and being regarded as an expert in my field.

I was making money and feeling great about it!

So, these deep-rooted beliefs almost killed my business! I don’t want your beliefs to kill your business either.

As a quiet and kind-hearted wallflower turned drummer who’s infused rhythm, creativity, and wholehearted connection into two businesses, I can tell you that it’s incredibly gratifying and magnetic when you create something by being more of yourself! You can read more about my background here.

Michelle and drum students performing

Here’s the thing…

You can build your business by:

  • Doing it your way
  • Doing it with your own unique voice
  • Doing it in a way that feels natural and ick-free

Because these are what create a business that’s fulfilling, fun, and completely you!

It’s not only about the money or about making six-figures.

It’s about having your voice heard and being paid well for your gifts. It’s about serving, leading, and connecting in a way that feels authentic while creating meaningful change in the world!

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Mentorship Program packages

You’re ready to go in-depth with your business goals. You want to work with someone 1-on-1 who has been where you are, understands what you’re trying to bring to life, and will keep you accountable!

The 1-on-1 mentorship sessions focus on one or all the following:

  • Learn how to fill your cup first as you build your business, even when you don’t have the time
  • Clarify your right people, those who you’d love to work with and would benefit most from your offerings, voice, and gifts.
  • Drum up your unique voice and marketing message, so you can feel confident, grounded, and authentic while attracting your right people in-person and online
  • Transform fear, self-doubt, nervousness, and vulnerability hangovers into self-empowerment when sharing your voice within a group (i.e.: meetings, social settings, family get-togethers) and completing projects out of your comfort zone
  • Create your signature offer aligned with your gifts and values to get you closer to the freedom and life you want


PACKAGE 1: Attract your right people with confidence

4 weeks (3 sessions+1 follow up)

You recently started your business but don’t know who your ideal client is, or you’ve been in business for a while and feel your voice is being lost in the crowd.

You know that you can’t serve everybody, but you’re having trouble narrowing down and feeling who your right people are because you can’t get out of your own head.

You’re ready to clarify who your ideal client is in detail and identify who would benefit most from your offering, values, and gifts. 

PACKAGE 2: Share your voice authentically online and in-person

9 weeks (8 sessions+1 follow up)

You have an idea of who your right client is, but things get a bit fuzzy when it comes to expressing your message in a way that appeals to your audience.

You often hold your voice back in groups (on and offline) and social settings because of fear, self-doubt, or anxiety. Moreover, when you’ve stirred up the courage to share something meaningful, you end up feeling vulnerable, pushy, or foolish.

You’re ready to share your unique voice and marketing message in a way that makes you feel confident, grounded, and authentic on and offline. This package includes an optional website audit.

PACKAGE 3: The Whole Ensemble

14 weeks (12 sessions+2 follow ups)

You are ready for a deep transformation and need guidance bringing your offering to life.

You have a general idea of the type of people you’d love to work with and how to connect authentically with them. But, when it comes to sitting down and creating an offering you’d feel confident charging money for, you get a bit overwhelmed. Actually, you end up over-researching, getting discouraged by comparing yourself to “more successful” business owners, and spending your time doing busy work.

You’re ready to create a value-based signature offering for your ideal clients and are ready to share your voice with a whole ensemble of knowledge at your disposal. This package includes an optional website audit, as well as a 60-min web design strategy session to weave your voice and signature offering on to your website.

Complimentary 30-minute ‘Being You’ Discovery Session

We’ll discuss where you are and where you’d love to be with your business. I’ll explain how the Mentorship Program works and for both of us to see if we can create them together.

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Prefer to work in-person for a shorter period of time? Contact me to learn more about my private 1-day intensives.



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