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Drumingler, rhythmic networking for women entrepreneurs

Drum to nurture yourself and your biz!

Drumingler™ is a wine sipping, drum workshop, business seminar for women entrepreneurs rolled into 2 hours.

Some networking events are intimidating and encourage us to act like one-dimensional, business card dispensers. After talking to many women for the past few years about this, I’ve learned that I’m not the only one with this opinion. Connecting in that way doesn’t leave a lasting impression (and certainly doesn’t lead to referrals).

Drumingler™ helps you nurture yourself and your business!

This event provides an intimate environment for like-minded women to drum, relax, make authentic connections, and get a mini workout.

See what others are saying. Read the Drumingler™ review.

Eventbrite - Drumingler: Rhythmic Networking for Women Business Owners

As part of our 2 hour social and drum session, you’ll also receive:

  • complimentary glass of wine (there’ll also be non-alcoholic beverages)
  • Weekly email prompts for a month after the event to keep you motivated and focused
  • A surprise gift from Meditative Arts

In the long term, self-care and wellness (emotional, physical, spiritual) are just as important as making connections and generating cash flow! So, you’ll be getting some relaxation techniques and a mini workout as well.

Women who are thinking of starting their own biz are also encouraged to come out.

How Drumingler™ helps your biz

  • Increase your audience with the Drumingler map (bottom of this page)
  • Get out of the house (and out of your head) to connect with like-minded women business owners
  • Tone your wrists and arms to cope with long working hours
  • Counteract burnout with a fun challenge and by trying something completely unrelated to your work
  • Increase workflow by letting go of your stress and self-limiting beliefs
  • Save the money, energy, and time that would’ve been needed to buy and lug your own djembe. All you have to do to drum with us is show up!

My favourite part about Drumingler™—happens every time—is knowing that you’ll tap into your inner confidence and see which of your beliefs may be holding you back from building a successful business.

What to expect

When you arrive, you’ll have some time to get comfy and talk about whatever flows. We’ll also chat as a group about current obstacles entrepreneurs face. Once there’s a good blend of laughter and chatter in the room, we’ll start drumming using African djembes.

Almost everyone in the group will have little to no drumming experience, and there’s a relaxed, drum circle vibe. If you don’t even know what a djembe is, that’s even better. As women entrepreners, we work our a**es off during the day. The whole point is to let go, meet other supportive women entrepreneurs in Toronto, and have fun!

Upcoming Drumingler™

This event is always scheduled on or close to a full moon

Date: Wednesday, August 1st
Time: 7:30-9:30pm
Location: 1139 College St.

Eventbrite - Drumingler: Rhythmic Networking for Women Business Owners

Registration deadline: July 30

See what others are saying, read the Drumingler™ reviewand spread the word to all the women entrepreneurs you know in the GTA. Join the conversation on Twitter using #drumingler.

Please note that Drumingler tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Photo credits: MoushPhotography and Ardean Peters



The Drumingler Biz Map


Find the Toronto women entrepreneurs that have attended Drumingler™ and want to share their work with you.

View Drumingler biz map in a larger map


Here are some others:

Julie Ward, Relationship Coach


“I have an insatiable, persistent hunger to learn and grow. I’m thankful for that, as when I combine that hunger, with the breadth and depth of my professional and personal life experiences – it has powerfully shaped me into who I am today. Being at ease with myself (most of the time), my natural self-expression comes shining through with the intimate and powerful work I do with women and couples.”

Moush Sara John, Documentary Photographer


“Let me tell your story. I have sold ad space, argued over -ise and -ize, branded car rentals, designed book covers, written introductions and conclusions, written forewords and prefaces too, obsessed over Helvetica, set up stylesheets for art books, talked to four-day old springer pups, finalized artwork for three books in three days, thought in bubbles, imagined alternative routes, taken detours . . . other distractions include Steven Pinker and J. Krishnamurthi.”

Nishi Dias, Video Editor and Social Media Coach


“I edit video. I create strategies for my clients who want to use video to market their businesses on the web or through DVD sales. I oversee personal and corporate event video productions. I offer social media coaching (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, blogging on Blogger and WordPress) for those who want to market their product or service.”

Inderpal Wig–Suntra


“Suntra is a technology-based branding and marketing agency based in Toronto, Canada – we focus on understanding and enabling your business to become more efficient in day to day processes using the right technologies and marketing strategies to engage your customers.”

Karen Snider–Nzirambi Education Fund


“The Nzirambi Education Fund is a grassroots initiative in support of a family-run orphanage in Uganda. Through the Nzirambi Fund, we can help the 85 children of the Nzirambi Orphans Talent Development Centre in Uganda realize their dreams and goals through education.”

Photography by Ardean Peters


“In a Portrait session, I try to make pictures that capture something unique about that person.  The smile that only some people see.  I like being a bit of a fly on a wall and documenting moments that people don’t realise are being noticed.  When their guard is down and they are being their real selves.”

Sarah Hillock, Visual artist


“Sarah Hillock paints cows because of the joy it brings her to represent these unique creatures of power and submission. She spent her early childhood on a rural farm in Ontario. Enchanted by the cows on her farm she later found herself compelled to examine the relationship between humans and these complex yet overlooked animals. Why does an animal with so much girth and power behave as a fearful child? What makes an animal with such intense curiosity become so apprehensive when in close proximity to the object of its curiosity?”

Video For Shy People


“…I believe in the business power of a good story. And I believe there’s no better way to tell a good story than with video. Why should actors and directors have all the fun? I’m on a mission to help entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches, and other independent types–especially the shy ones–turn their best business stories into videos.”

Well Spoken English


“Work with a TESL Certified English as a Second Language (ESL) Teacher. Laura has over 10 years of teaching experience and has specialized in teaching oral English communication for the past 3 years. She is passionate about working with highly motivated people who want to communicate effectively, both personally and professionally.”

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