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Women’s Drum & Dance Weekend (WDDW)

Drum and dance your way to confidence, clarity, and relaxation!

The Women’s Drum & Dance Weekend (WDDW) is an exclusive and intimate full-day event which blends African drumming, dance, art, and community. If you’re looking to spice up your routine, amplify your authentic voice, and burn calories—this is an event you won’t wanna miss!

Release the fear, worry, and self-doubt that’s keeping you back professionally and personally.

Because this is an intimate event and each participant gets 1-on-1 attention, there are only 12 spots available.


WDDW Overview: No binders to lug around. No powerpoints speeches to sit sleep through!

  • WDDW is a 5 hour commitment. That means you’ll spend enough time away to feel refreshed, but get to enjoy the rest of the day while there’s sunlight (and sleep in your own bed).
  • WDDW is experiential, so you’ll be learning through movement, rhythm, and fun. There’ll be no binders to lug home and pile up on your desk or shelf.
  • You’ll be provided with a locally grown, organic, wholesome, and delicious lunch
  • Not like other drumming or dance classes. If you’re a beginner or consider yourself uncoordinated, you won’t feel like you’re “screwing up” or keeping everyone back as you might feel in other classes.
  • Feel physically, emotionally, and financially wealthy. Whether you are a 9-5er or an entrepreneur, the confidence, joy, and connectedness that you experience will spread into different areas of your life—professionally, financially, and personally.

The true essence of WDDW can’t be reproduced (e.g. viewed remotely through a live feed). Women open up their lives to joy, healing, and meaningful connections by being a part of the experience.

BONUS #1: A recording (mp3) of the West African rhythm we play (your very own memento)
BONUS #2: A copy of the Meditative Arts Mini Bliss Kit—3 calming rhythmic meditations (mp3) +12 affirmations (pdf)
BONUS #3: Surprise art activity to tap into your intuition and discover your heart’s hidden desires (materials provided)


Benefits: Get a full-bodied workout, feel younger, meet new people 

There are tons of scientifically documented benefits of drumming and dancing. WDDW will help you:

  • Get out of your head and quickly connect with your body
  • Slow the effects of aging
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Burn calories and strengthen your arms/wrists
  • Boost confidence, mood, and immune function
  • Slow down your mental chatter and speed up relaxation

As a shy introverted workaholic who now values her body, voice, and power, I’ll never get tired of saying how much drumming has transformed my life!

Are you ready to let go of worry, feel refreshed, and connect with your inner power?

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WDDW praise


Cathy let go of self-doubt and felt in sync with herself.

If you are reading this and dream of having your womanhood celebrated with Michelle as I did in Asheville, I encourage you to do what you can to make it happen. During last weekend’s drumming session, I felt a shared sacredness. I felt an unspoken kindredness.

I was honored to be taught the same drum beats and the rhythms played by and in celebration of west African women.

Michelle has sweet calmness of a confident leader. She creates a space where participants can let go of inhibitions and self doubt. I felt in sync with myself and the other women there. I want more.

—Cathy Williams, WDDW Asheville


Desiree fell in love with her body again!

I loved my time at the WDDW!

My body was moved, my spirit was lifted and my soul sang. It was the perfect combination of love, support, fun and laughter. Good food, perfect location and time that focused on my growth and development. Who could ask for anything more.

—Desiree Adaway, WDDW Asheville page_break

WDDW is like a drum circle and African drumming workshop all in one!

Most, if not all, African rhythms come from women but are played and taught by men. This workshop represents a very unique opportunity to learn djembe rhythms from a woman.

This workshop introduces you to the world of mindfulness and West African rhythms. You will also have the chance to tone your arms, quiet your inner critic, follow your intuition, and amplify your inner power.

No drumming experience is required, and drums are provided. You may be familiar with djembes from drum circles, African drumming is very different from a drum circle.

The great thing about WDDW is that you’ll be able to surrender to your inner rhythm but also learn and celebrate the rhythms of the Malinke people of Africa.page_break

Save money while you relax

Here’s what you’re saving by attending WDDW:

  • The cost of buying a djembe (Value $300+)
  • Spending a few months to learn proper djembe techniques in a semi-private setting and learn a West African rhythm (Value $250+)
  •  Five hours worth of yoga classes, massages, and treating yourself to fun and fulfilling activities (Value $300+)

Plus, the cost of not taking time to slow down, recharge, and listen to your body!

That’s more than $850 in total value!


WDDW Toronto Registration

June 1st, 2013 10am – 3 pm

Early Bird (until May 13): $297

Regular WDDW (May 14-18): $349

Full location details will be sent after purchase.

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Registration deadline is May 18!


Please note that Women’s Drum & Dance tickets are non-refundable and missed workshops cannot be exchanged for other classes or products.

If you have an injury or condition that may prevent you from fully participating in the drumming workshop, please email me before registering.

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